?The international design fair in milan- what's new Toggle

?The international design fair in milan- what's new

Here is a reminder of our topic:

The Milan Furniture Fair (Italian: Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano) is a furniture fair held annually in Milan. It is the largest trade fair of its kind in the world. The exhibition showcases the latest in furniture and design from countries around the world. It is considered a leading venue for the display of new products by designers of furniture, lighting and other home furnishings. (Wikipedia)

Any of you out there that love what you do will surely identify with my excitement at attending such a fair; Meeting people and cultures from all over the world. Being exposed to new innovative materials and technologies. Being inspired by an abundance of creative designs. Getting a glimpse of the trends coming up. And last but definitely not least, knowing that I will be bringing my clients the most comprehensive and updated information when planning their homes.

As promised, I will share with you my experiences at the fair in three parts:

Part 1: Colors

Part 2: Appliances

Part 3: Design



There is a theory that when economy is at its peak, the design is stark and cold. Remember the harsh, modern, chrome-and-white, straight-line, design at the turn of the century?
Following an economical crisis, people tend to retreat to softer, warmer and more naturalistic design.
Now, post crisis, we can see this expressed in the colors being used.

I picked up on 3 color groups:

A. Metals

The Copper as a metal, as a finish and as a color is becoming extremely dominant. alongside the copper are the gold and bronze. Remember when every piece of furniture came with chrome legs? Watch that changing… You'll see it in furniture, faucets, appliances, fabrics, dishes and I imagine in clothes and jewelry too.

collage copper

B. Base colors

The base colors are the colors of Earth and Stone. Browns and Grays.
Seems quite dull, I was looking for more excitement- thank g-d for the next group.

collage earth and stone


Now these are surprising! Oranges (the whole range; rust color, strong orange, peaches, coral), yellows, turquoise and blues (my mother will be happy!), maroon and dark greens.

Black and white, the always dramatic combination, is very  present.
Gray and yellow, white and yellow and basically anything with yellow is also very prominent.

 collage color

How Are you feeling with these colors?

Do you see this fitting in your house?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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