New and innovative- Three inventions that will make your day Toggle

Sometimes you come across small inventions that make your whole day (and night) look different. Here are three:

1. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags: who would enjoy this? Students in a dormitory, workers in large offices, or anyone really particular about their sandwiches. The mold on the sandwich is really disgusting, sure to keep away those who have their eyes (and hands…) on your sandwich. And what about you? if you look real close you will see that the mold is a print on the side of the bags. You almost fell for that one, hopefully the thieves will too.

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2. The Drift Light: We all know how lack of sleep affects us; People who don’t get enough sleep have problems making decisions, solving problems, being productive, controlling their emotions, and coping with change. They are also at greater risk of major health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Research shows that the blue hues common in modern lighting (Fluorescents, Led lights and electronic devices) suppress melatonin (your body’s natural sleep agent) twice as much as other kinds of light. The drift light facilitates sleep by imitating Natural daylight and the natural course of sunset. By clicking the switch the bulb starts a cycle of 37 minuts in which it slowly dims the light, thus enabling our body to drift naturally into sleep mode. At its final stage the light emitted from the bulb will imitate the moonlighting. This light is enough to find your way around the room but not too strong as to disrupt your sleep. You could easily switch between the different modes: daylight, sunset and moonlight so the bulb is multi-purpose. In addition it is energy- efficient, has a long life span and fits any incandescent- bulb fitting.

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3. Intelligent AC control: I'm sure you've all come across the SmartHome (known also as home automation). Such a system enables control of lights, electronic devices, window shades and more without even being at home. But what about those who live in a "dumb home"? We need to actually be in the house in order to control our airconditioning. So this one is for us. This device hooks up to any old AC unit and by communicating with our phone becomes real intelligent. What can it do? First of all it can take orders from far. In addition, It can automatically detect when we are nearing home (using our phone's GPS) and turn on the AC before we arrive, it will heat or cool the house to our desired temparture. When the last person leaves the room the device will shut off the unit, and when there is traffic from one room to another, it will adjust the units accordingly. This device is still in devolepment, and hopefully will hit the market soon.

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