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 The toughest assignment is choosing colors. The easiest thing is to know that you don't have to invent anything. Many people already used these color combinations successfully, so all you have to do is choose the combination, which is right for you and implement it in the design of your house.

Please note that when choosing colors for your home, we don't only attend to the colors of the wall, but also to all of the colors and materials in the room (marble platforms, tiles, closets and cupboards, furniture, curtains, rugs…). The mere switch from matte to shiny colors, from smooth to rough textures, from hard to soft materials, creates a change of effect. The design plan is multi-dimensional: it takes into account the shades, the type of material and the level of gloss.

Let us start with a few winning combinations:

  1.        Black & White: A classic and fashionable combination. The great advantage of this color combination is that you can diversify the general appearance rather easily by the addition of a third color, even in small contrasts. You can find this color combination both in luxury and in country homes. To create an elegant look,  combine glossy finishes and golden accessories (knobs, pillows, vases, etc.). To create a warmer, country styling, combine softer materials like a shaggy rug and touches of warm colors (yellow, red) or even another material, like wood, which contributes to a warmer atmosphere.

This image is taken from the houzz website 

  1.        Blue-Green: This color combination creates calm and cleanliness (imagine the ocean), but it is also very cold. You should add a touch of a warm shade, to create a warmer atmosphere (again, imagine the ocean, only this time add the sandy beaches). Good combinations are a parquet floor, touches of yellow, peach, pink or pearl. An even better idea is to use colors with a pearl finish to break the cool atmosphere.

    This image is taken from the houzz website 
  1.        Purple-Yellow: This is a highly popular combination. It is both warm and calm.

Design: Yehuda Schwartz

 The basic colors are divided into three pairs of complimentary colors. These are purple and yellow, blue and orange, green and red. The combination of complimentary colors is a harmonious combination. You do not have to combine the color in its basic shade; you can play with various shades of the color. For instance, combining green with red always seems blunt to me, but imagine the combination of mint green with peach, or pastel green with pink – this image brings a smile to your face.

 Monochromatic Combinations (using only one shade)

  1.        White: immortal. Design in white does not have to be boring or cold. Do not be afraid to use different shades of white and cream in the same room. You can bring interest without breaking the color by using clear Plexiglas (a plastic material that resembles glass), metals (nickel, copper, gold or metal, painted white) and upholstery with different textures.

  1.        Neutral Colors (beige-grey): When we use a monochromatic color palette in the shades of beige-gray, we need to apply higher levels of caution. Any diversion can easily become a mistake. Exploit the use of various textures and materials to enhance the look and combine gentle touches of color. Inserting strong colors shall break the neutral look.

This image is taken from the houzz website

Creating New Combinations:

Do you want to create new combinations but are unsure how to do it? The easiest way to do it is to look around you and let your environment inspire you.

Does a cup of coffee with cheesecake make you feel at home? Copy these colors! The culinary world provides plenty of surprising color combinations that we consider natural.

Did you look at the scenery and really admire it? Copy these colors! If you saw a beautiful flower bloom, you can try to combine these colors in your house. The world of nature is like a grand book of ready-made combinations.

* These inspirational images are taken from the designseeds website. This website is a great source for additional color combinations!

The great advantage in this method is that you know in advance what the color combination you chose looks like and what feeling it generates for you.

Go have fun, and don't forget to send pictures!


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