?We asked people: what are the things that cause you the greatest stress as a renovation approaches Toggle

?We asked people: what are the things that cause you the greatest stress as a renovation approaches

We asked people: What are the things that cause you the greatest stress as a renovation approaches? p_002

We got truly stressful answers….

We collected the ten most popular ones and examined how you could reduce the stress and add some fun into the process.

1. Finding a designer who suits me and will be good for me

In selecting a designer, it is important to check the following things: that you feel comfortable and pleasant with the designer on a personal level – you are going to spend a lot of time together, that they have the appropriate experience for your project, that they have recognised and diverse vocational training, that you received recommendations which are relevant to the factors that are important to you, that you feel confident about them and that you believe in them.

2. Going over – budget

Sit down with the designer at the commencement of the work and inquire as to the expected budgetary items. Begin thinking about what the realistic figure is for you for the project and coordinate these figures with the designer. The more open and honest you are with the designer, the more she will be able to guide you correctly.

3. Deviation from timetable

Inquire with the designer as to what the expected timetable is for such a project including the planning process, carrying the project out and “unexpected” deviations from the timetable. Be aware that there are also recommended periods during the year for hiring professionals or for making purchases. Request tips in this regard from the designer.

4. That the home will be big enough, but not too big

We have so many dreams and occasionally, they get intermingled with each other and confuse us. Write down all the dreams and then sit with the designer and try to assess together what is really suitable for you, for your home and for your family. In my opinion, the role of the designer is not solely to design, but to be the objective person who can assist you in examining things rationally within the whirlpool of emotions. Release control (not completely…) and put your faith in your designer that she will lead you in the correct direction. (Similarly, this is also an answer to Paragraph 1: an essential condition for the correct selection of a designer is to select someone whom you are confident will understand you and will guide you correctly).

5. That your wife/husband/mother in law will be satisfied

Believe, first, in yourself that you are acting correctly, the rest will work out.

6. That the workers will implement the plans without mistakes

This is really very stressful … Verify that whoever is preparing the plans also arrives to direct the workers. Thereafter, carry out visits during the course of the work in order to ensure that they indeed understood correctly. Do expect that unplanned incidents that will call for answers will arise during the course of the work. This does not mean that there is a mistake in the plans but it certainly means that they require being updated from time to time. If the workers want to perform quality work, appropriate guidance will make this happen! On the other hand, there is not much that can be done with someone who does not want to or cannot perform quality work. Search for people who respect their work and are happy to do it. Should you discover that they are not of this type – consider parting ways with them while the damage is still minor. It is preferable to lose a little rather than lose a lot.

7. That no irreversible damage is caused throughout the course of the work

It is important to procure organized and reliable professionals. It is equally important to keep an open eye and to verify that the work is being performed to your satisfaction and that the professional is respecting your property.

8. That the result will be beautiful but also practical

An important rule: what is not practical will not be beautiful in the end. I believe in design that is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and that works for us.

9. That we won’t discover at the end that we forgot something really important

This is the reason you want to invest in professionals. While you are conducting one renovation, we conduct hundreds, this is what we do all day, every day. And no one is smarter than someone with experience.

10. That things will turn out differently than I imagined

Ask the designer to demonstrate things to you in various methods: three dimensional simulations on the computer, on-site demonstration, demonstrating with samples of color and materials. Inquire again and again, voice your uncertainties, questions and comments. And yet with all the above, prepare yourselves to be surprised … in a good way, of course!


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