Milan post no. 3 – The grand finale Toggle

Milan post no. 3 – The grand finale

The previous two posts were dedicated to colors and technologies. This post was really meant to give you a break and let the pictures speak for themselves, but I couldn't help myself, I had to add a few words

Trying to summarize the main characteristics of the designs this year I would like to note the following:

1. Combinations of different materials: wood combined with concrete and iron, stone and paint combined with wood, and so on.

2. 3D lines: what do I mean? The cabinet units go up and down, in and out. There is more than one plane. there are also many lines alltogether. See for yourself:

milano 3 kavim3. Bold color combinations, as shown in the first post

4. New materials developed using new technologies: These materials influence the planning and design as they expand the options. For example, eco friendly materials that are used for coating surfaces and fronts. These materials can have the look of stone, cement or other textures. This enables us to design stone faced doors without the heavy weight attached or get a unified look by coating the surface and the doors with the same materials. These materials also enable longer boards so we could eliminate some of those seams that always get in the way of our plans. (Check out Ecomalta, one of many interesting materials used in the designs)

5. Lighting design is also greatly influenced by the rapid developments we've been witnessing in the past years, mainly in the LED department. Look how flexible we are with the size and shape of the fixtures:

milano 3 light

6. And finally to my all time favourite: Radiators. Shocking, ha?? What is so interesting in radiators? Mainly nothing. They're ugly, boring, obtrusive…That's why, a few years back, when I first visited the Milan Fair, I was amazed at the amount of stands dedicated to radiators. I was astounded by the various designs exhibited. Who would've thought to design a radiator in so many different ways? And then it hit me- this is what design is all aboutThe understanding that nothing should be taken for granted. Just because something is the way it is doesn't mean it has to be. Anything can be rethought. Take a step back, think out of the box, position yourself at a different angle and then think: can I make this better? That was an important lesson I learnt. Every now and then I go back to the radiators as a reminder of the task I took upon myself.

milano 3 radiators

Indulge yourself in one of these:

milano 3 bath

And a few more just for fun:

milano 3 itzuv

We've reached the end of the journey for this year's fair. I hope you've managed to get a taste of the excitement and have a good time. For that is the object of design; To put a smile on our face, to give a sigh of relief and to make our days better…


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