?How could we build with a limited budget Toggle

?How could we build with a limited budget

My guess: we all sympathize with the above…

Who doesn't think the budget has already extended too far?

The good news – you're not alone! I've worked with many different clients and with budgets ranging from the thousands to the millions, and the budget is always limited!

So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and continue reading my next tip that will help you extend the budget in the right direction and prevent unnecessary loss.

How do you know what to invest in and what to skip?

Prepare the following chart:

Any item you are not sure about, examine based on 2 criteria:

Can I add it or upgrade it in the future, and at what cost (money, mess, time, etc.)?

Does it significantly add to the home design or its level of pleasure and function?

Place it in the proper place in the chart and act accordingly.

Here are some examples:

Kitchen cabinet pull-outs can be added on later relatively easily but their contribution to the kitchen's efficiency is extremely high. Therefore, they will be placed in level 2.

Electric preparation will be located in level 1. Why? When planning in advance, an electric point costs approx. 250 ILS. But if you decide to add one later on during construction, you not only will have to pay more for it because the electrician will need to return specially for this point, but you will also need to carve into the walls that have already been painted, close up the wall again, plaster it and repaint. This involves great work and mess – all for one socket! Not to mention the escalated cost.

Stunning and expensive ceramic tiles for the bathroom floor? On the one hand it is difficult to replace but on the other hand, maybe it isn't that important, at least not as much as the main flooring, and therefore it will be placed in level 3. But what if my life's dream, more than anything else, is a beautiful bathroom? Them I will place it in level 1.

Great- and expensive- handles for the wall closet in the children's bedroom? These can be replaced easily (even by yourself) and can always be done next year – level 4.

Try it now on your wish list, let me know how it goes!

Important note: the tip above refers to a situation where you are forming your budget or are already under construction with limited remaining budget and are juggling from item to item.If you've already reached the end of your budget, and the money is gone, it is not worth getting into debts you cannot cover! You definitely can live happily in a plain and simple apartment (How??? Call us and we will be glad to give you tips on this). On the other hand, I have seen families fall apart and people become sick because of debts, and it is not a delightful picture!


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